5 Qualities a North York Dentist Must Have

January 31, 2017 88finch 1

If you’ve received checkups and treatment from more than a couple dentists over your lifetime, you will probably have noticed that some are outstanding whereas others are merely average. What makes one dentist different from another? There are certain qualities a North York dentist must possess to be great.

1. Manual Dexterity

Dentists need to maintain a steady hand and good coordination for extended periods of time. Complex tasks often involve the use of small tools, and extreme accuracy is necessary to prevent damage to the tooth or other parts of the mouth.

2. Interpersonal Skills

Every North York dentist needs to enjoy working with people. Good communication skills allow dentists to do everything from explain procedures to calm nervous patients. They also need to be gentle, even if this means taking longer to finish a procedure. Finally, dentists should involve their patients, rather than treating a problem and sending patients on their way. They should always discuss various treatment options and ensure patients understand how to maintain good oral hygiene at home.

3. Passion for Dental Hygiene

The best dentists experience satisfaction from their work. They are committed to curing conditions, reducing pain, and helping patients improve oral health.

4. Willingness to Continue Learning

A North York dentist should always be learning about new methods, procedures, and treatments. He or she will utilize the latest technology in the clinic and stay up to date with new technological trends and advances to improve health care for patients.

5. Ability to Solve Problems

Every case is different. Even if a dentist has seen a disease or condition countless times before, complications may require a unique approach. To give patients the best possible treatment, dentists need to rely on their problem-solving skills.