Benefits of Dental Bridges

April 18, 2017 88finch 3

Dental bridges are used to restore or fill in for a missing tooth or teeth. There are some negative consequences to leaving the space empty over time. There are other options for missing teeth such as partial dentures or implants. However, there are some benefits of dental bridges.

Aesthetic Appeal

A bridge is fastened in the empty space where a tooth once was. It fills in the empty spot but also helps improve your looks. Because dental bridges have to be fixed, the teeth on either side of the bridge are usually crowned. This helps improve their appearance and helps give your teeth a more natural look.


A dental bridge is a permanent fixture in your mouth. The good thing about this is that doesn’t have to be removed in order to be cleaned like dentures. You will need to continue good oral hygiene habits and follow any special cleaning recommendations made by your dental professional.

Long Lasting

Another one of the top benefits of dental bridges is that they are durable and last an indefinite amount of time.

Quick Procedure

A bridge will take just a little bit longer than getting a single crown, depending on the type of bridge and its size. It should only take two visits to the dental clinic to complete the treatment. This is much faster than getting implants, or than getting partial dentures.

Not as Invasive as Implants

Implants will require several surgical procedures to get the posts placed. If there is a bone loss, implants will also require some bone grafting before the posts can be placed. This can require numerous visits and surgeries to complete the implant procedure. Bridges are a good option for those who cannot endure surgery for medical reasons.



    The best part of your article for me is when you talked how it'll only take two visits to the dental clinic to finish a dental bridge procedure. My daughter has a missing front tooth, and we're looking to find the best ways of replacing it before her debut party. It's important for us to find a dental solution that can provide a quick treatment so she can wear a beautiful smile on her big day. I will make sure to visit a dentist to inquire about dental bridges for my daughter. Thanks for the tips!

    December 12, 2017 Sharon Wilson-Smith


    My husband recently lost a few of his teeth in a hockey game and we've been wondering what kind of solution would be best for him. So thanks for letting us know that dental bridges only take a couple of visits and are very quick. Since he doesn't have too much time to spare because of work, I'm sure my husband would love the idea of two quick appointments to get dental bridges.

    October 17, 2017 Ashley Turns


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