Benefits of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are used to restore or fill in for a missing tooth or teeth. There are some negative consequences to leaving the space empty over time. There are other options for missing teeth such as partial dentures or implants. However, there are some benefits of dental bridges.

Aesthetic Appeal

A bridge is fastened in the empty space where a tooth once was. It fills in the empty spot but also helps improve your looks. Because dental bridges have to be fixed, the teeth on either side of the bridge are usually crowned. This helps improve their appearance and helps give your teeth a more natural look.


A dental bridge is a permanent fixture in your mouth. The good thing about this is that doesn’t have to be removed in order to be cleaned like dentures. You will need to continue good oral hygiene habits and follow any special cleaning recommendations made by your dental professional.

Long Lasting

Another one of the top benefits of dental bridges is that they are durable and last an indefinite amount of time.

Quick Procedure

A bridge will take just a little bit longer than getting a single crown, depending on the type of bridge and its size. It should only take two visits to the dental clinic to complete the treatment. This is much faster than getting implants, or than getting partial dentures.

Not as Invasive as Implants

Implants will require several surgical procedures to get the posts placed. If there is a bone loss, implants will also require some bone grafting before the posts can be placed. This can require numerous visits and surgeries to complete the implant procedure. Bridges are a good option for those who cannot endure surgery for medical reasons.

How to Find a Cost-Effective Dentistry Service in North York

Although the exact general dentistry cost will depend on what you need, dental services in North York are often expensive. The good news, however, is that it is always possible to receive inexpensive dental care. You just need to know where to look.

Consider Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is a great option to cover general dental services. You can purchase a standard plan for yourself or your whole family to cover essentials like checkups, cleanings, fillings, and X-rays. This is ideal if you have good oral health and are unlikely to need orthodontic or restorative care.

Compare Prices

There are a number of dentists to choose from in North York. Contact several clinics and ask for the prices of the services you need. You may be able to save money if you choose a dentist who specializes in general dentistry rather than a skilled practitioner experienced in complex work.

Receive Different Care from Different Professionals

Dental hygienists are qualified to carry out plenty of dental work. If you are looking for teeth cleanings, X-rays, and certain prescriptions, you can visit a registered hygienist. For your regular checkups, you will still need to visit your dentist, as hygienists are unable to diagnose cavities, tooth decay, and other health issues. However, you will save money if you receive other services elsewhere.

Ask for Discounts

Your dentist is committed to ensuring your receive the best dental care within your budget. Often, there are alternatives the most expensive treatments. Even when no cheaper option exists, dentists offer payment plans to make services more affordable. Also, another way to lower costs is to receive several treatments in one visit. You should discuss your options in depth with your dentist before making any decisions.

How to Manage Your Kid’s Fear of the Dentist

Dental care for kids essential for keeping teeth healthy and avoiding serious problems as children grow up. Ensuring your kids are willing to go to the dentist from a young age encourages good oral health habits. Unfortunately, many children fear visiting the dentist — they are afraid of the setting or tools or that the procedure will be painful. There are several ways to qualm fears to ensure your kids receive regular dental care without stress.

Start Going When Kids Are Young

Pediatric dentistry in North York is available to kids when they are just infants. The dentist will check the condition of your child’s mouth and gums from when the first tooth is visible.

Talk About What to Expect

Explain what happens in a checkup and teeth cleaning. Talk about sounds and sensations. For very young children, you can role play at home. Avoid  preparing for a wide range of treatments or talking about any bad experiences you had. Just plan for a basic checkup and any other relevant dental services for kids.

Distract Your Child in the Waiting Room

Sometimes there can be a long wait before you see your dentist, especially if the patient before you is undergoing a complex procedure. This gives your child time to start thinking about what may happen, which is all the worse if there are strange noises coming from behind the door. Keep kids distracted with toys and games or by imagining pleasant scenarios.

Follow the Dentist’s Instructions

Dental professionals have years of experience in kids & teens dentistry. They know how to handle even the most trying situations. Follow your dentist’s instructions to help the visit run smoothly. You may be asked to stay in the room to calm your child or it may be better if you keep some distance.

What Are Preventive Cares for Smile Enhancement?

You can enhance your smile into the long term with preventive care in North York now. There are several ways to avoid cavities, gum disease, and stained teeth, including methods you can try at home and others you can seek through your dentist.

Smile Enhancement North York with Your Dentist

Dental cleanings

It is impossible to clean all the plaque from your teeth using just a toothbrush. Over time, bacteria builds up, which can lead to decay and gum inflammation. In a cleaning, your dentist will also polish your teeth until they shine and can even whiten your teeth, giving you a stunning smile.

Regular checkups

One of the most important aspects of smile enhancement in North York is frequent visits to the dentist to ensure there are no problems with your teeth. Your dentist will often notice issues likely to impact your smile before symptoms begin.

Preventive Care at Home

Daily oral care

Maintaining good dental hygiene at home will prevent many of the most common oral health problems. Good oral care involves brushing your teeth and tongue twice a day using the correct technique. You should use fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash and replace your toothbrush at least a few times a year.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Certain habits and tendencies can ruin your smile, such as smoking, which leads to stains and even tooth loss and mouth cancer. Cutting down or, even better, giving up, will enhance your smile. Eating and drinking anything high in sugar, including some alcoholic beverages, may also damage teeth. You should wait at least an hour to brush your teeth after consuming acidic foods and drinks to prevent damage to the enamel. On the flip side, eating more fruits and vegetables can protect you from gum disease.

What Is Prosthetic Dentistry?

If you lose or damage a tooth due decay or trauma, you will need special dental treatment in North York. A good option is prosthetic dentistry, which can repair or replace natural teeth. Various types of treatment fall under this category.

Prosthetic Dentistry North York

Replacement options

If your dentist needs to remove all your teeth, a complete denture may be the best type of prosthesis for you. A complete denture can be either removable or bonded to your mouth with several implants.

If you are only missing some teeth, a partial denture is an option. This is also a removable solution and involves fitting a plastic or metal plate in your mouth and attaching artificial teeth. Alternatively, your dentist can create a fixed bridge, which is held in place with a crown on the teeth on either side.

Finally, if you are missing just a single tooth, your dentist can fit an implant with a crown to fill the gap.

Repair options

Damaged teeth also benefit from prosthetic dentistry North York. This is an option for teeth with significant decay, especially when it is no longer possible to repair the teeth with a filling. Prosthetic dentistry is also a possibility for a tooth that has changed color after root canal therapy.

Your dentist will install a support pillar in your tooth and fit it with a crown. The crown can be made of gold, metal alloy, ceramic, porcelain, or another material. Whatever material you choose, the crown will strengthen your tooth, give your tooth the right shape, and allow you to eat and speak properly. If the crown is made from ceramic or porcelain, it will also have the appearance of a natural tooth.

Caring for Dental Prosthetics

With the right care, your dental prosthetic can last your entire life. As the tissues heal, you may need to return to your dentist for adjustments. After this, you just need to visit the clinic for regular checkups.