Dental Emergency

How to Handle a Dental Emergency

Some injuries are considered a dental emergency and it’s important to know what to do if one occurs. Many things can happen to cause a mouth injury. A sports injury, fall or other accident, even eating some foods can chip, crack or break a tooth. Whether or not a damaged tooth is considered an emergency will depend on which tooth was damaged and how severe the injury is.

How do I know if my injury is a dental emergency?

You have a dental emergency if a break or crack is severe, such as when a large piece of a tooth is totally missing. It is also an emergency if the tooth was completely knocked out. You also want to seek immediate care if you have damaged a nerve or are in intense pain that does not go away with common pain medications.

What should I do if I have a dental emergency?

If the tooth was knocked out, try to put it back in its socket and then bite down on something soft like moist gauze or a tea bag that is wet. Be careful that you don’t swallow the tooth. If you can’t get it to stay in the socket, rinse it with water and put it in a container with milk or your spit until you can get to a professional.
If your tooth is infected, your tooth is broken or you are in intense pain, contact your dentist. They will usually work you in or give you specific instructions.