Which Material is Best for Fillings?

Dentists use fillings to stop the process of tooth decay. A filling is placed in a tooth that has already started to decay. The material fills in the hole in the tooth and restores it to full function. There are several different types of fillings that a dentist may choose to use.

Types of Materials Used in Dental Fillings
There are different types of fillings and one kind does not necessarily work for every person. In some instances, a person is allergic to a substance and an alternative has to be used. The different materials fillings are made of include:

  • Gold – These fillings are made in an outside laboratory and cemented in the proper place. They can last over 20 years and seem to do well against the gum tissue for most people. However, it is one of the most expensive options.
  • Silver – This filling is less expensive and long lasting, but they are darker in color and do not have the same aesthetic appeal as other options.
  • Plastic ResinResins can be matched to the color of natural teeth and can be used when appearance is a factor. It’s mixed and then put in cavities before being allowed to harden. They do not last as long as other substances and are not the best option for larger cavities.
  • Porcelain – These are also called onlays or inlays. They are made in a lab before being bonded to a tooth. They resist stains and can be made to match the natural tooth color.