Teeth Grinding

How Does a Dentist Treat Teeth Grinding?

There are many things that can lead to teeth grinding. A person who is experiencing anxiety, stress, sleep disorders or depression might find they grind their teeth. Outside factors like smoking or drinking alcohol or caffeine can also cause a person to grind their teeth. It is thought that nearly 70% of all people clench or grind their teeth due to anxiety and stress. There are some ways to treat teeth grinding.

Common Treatment Option for Teeth Grinding

Even though the cause of teeth grinding influences the optimal treatment option, dentists typically suggest using an occlusal device. They go by a lot of different names, but a bite plate, bite guard or night guards all have the same purpose – protecting the teeth.  These mouthpieces are made of special plastic materials and custom-made to fit each person’s mouth perfectly. Wearing them helps protect the teeth, reduce pain in the jaw muscles and protects the temporomandibular joint. They are usually worn when the patient goes to bed and they are the preferred treatment choice.

Other Treatment Options

There are some other devices to help treat teeth grinding. These are called a mandibular advancement device. They are also custom-made and specially fitted for each individual. They are worn on the top and bottom teeth and help move the bottom jaw forward. These are used when it is suspected that a sleep disorder causes teeth grinding. It can also help reduce snoring and improve sleep apnea.