Invisible Braces Types That Are Available in North York

September 5, 2017 88finch 0

There are Invisible braces types available for patients who wish to have their teeth aligned. If your dentist recommends you braces, you likely picture traditional metal brackets. These are often uncomfortable, or even painful, and can be embarrassing for adults and teens. Luckily, you also have the option for invisible braces in a North York dental clinic

Types of Invisible Braces:

1. Ceramic Braces
The most similar option to metal braces are ceramic braces. They have the same structure, except they are made from composite material in place of metal brackets. Ceramic braces can be held in place with white rubber bands. Although these are prone to staining, this is usually not a problem, as your dentist will change the bands every month, or whenever you receive an adjustment. Alternatively, ceramic braces can use self-litigating chips and no bands.
Ceramic braces are fixed to your teeth until the end of your treatment. As they are less durable than metal braces, treatment tends to last slightly longer. They are also more expensive, but you can reduce the cost by just having ceramic braces on your front teeth where they are visible and metal braces elsewhere.

2. Clear Aligners
Clear aligners tend to be the most comfortable type of invisible braces, as they feature no brackets and wires and they are removable. As the name suggests, they are made from clear plastic that fits over your teeth. You will need to change to a new set of aligners regularly. For the treatment to be effective, it is important to keep them on for the amount of time your dentist recommends every day.

3. Inside Braces
By scanning your teeth, your dentist can create braces that fit just on the inside of your teeth. This is a good option if you are worried about people noticing ceramic braces or clear aligners. Like ceramic and traditional braces, inside braces are fixed in place. Elastic bands are optional to speed up the treatment time.