How to Manage Your Kid’s Fear of the Dentist

March 7, 2017 88finch 0

Dental care for kids essential for keeping teeth healthy and avoiding serious problems as children grow up. Ensuring your kids are willing to go to the dentist from a young age encourages good oral health habits. Unfortunately, many children fear visiting the dentist — they are afraid of the setting or tools or that the procedure will be painful. There are several ways to qualm fears to ensure your kids receive regular dental care without stress.

Start Going When Kids Are Young

Pediatric dentistry in North York is available to kids when they are just infants. The dentist will check the condition of your child’s mouth and gums from when the first tooth is visible.

Talk About What to Expect

Explain what happens in a checkup and teeth cleaning. Talk about sounds and sensations. For very young children, you can role play at home. Avoid  preparing for a wide range of treatments or talking about any bad experiences you had. Just plan for a basic checkup and any other relevant dental services for kids.

Distract Your Child in the Waiting Room

Sometimes there can be a long wait before you see your dentist, especially if the patient before you is undergoing a complex procedure. This gives your child time to start thinking about what may happen, which is all the worse if there are strange noises coming from behind the door. Keep kids distracted with toys and games or by imagining pleasant scenarios.

Follow the Dentist’s Instructions

Dental professionals have years of experience in kids & teens dentistry. They know how to handle even the most trying situations. Follow your dentist’s instructions to help the visit run smoothly. You may be asked to stay in the room to calm your child or it may be better if you keep some distance.