Different Kinds of Mouthguards

A dentist will often recommend a mouthguard for those who play sports that have any kind of physical contact. This is to protect the teeth if there is an impact on the head or mouth area. But there are several types of mouthguards dentists use for different reasons.

  • Stock Mouth Guards – These are commonly purchased in a retail store or in a sports store. But they are not very effective. They are pre-shaped and may or may not fit properly, leaving the teeth without adequate protection. They can make it difficult to talk or breathe correctly.
  • Boil-and-Bite Guards – These mouth pieces are also pre-shaped, but they can be placed in boiling hot water so they are pliable. Once the plastic is warm, the wearer can bite down on it to shape it to their mouth. These are commonly available at stores selling sports equipment and they are a little better than a stock mouth guard.
  • Customized Mouth Guard – This type of mouth protector is specially designed by the dentist and customized to fit a specific person only. They are going to be the most comfortable, and provide the best protection for the teeth. The dentist will make an impression of the teeth and then the guard is customized to fit perfectly. This is the preferred type of mouthguard by most athletes since they fit well and are more comfortable. However, they are understandably the most expensive type of mouth guard as well.