Gum Reduction

What is Gum Reduction?

Some people have perfectly shaped, beautiful teeth. But a picture perfect smile can become unpleasant if the gums are too high on the teeth. If the gums cover large portions of the teeth, it can make the teeth look smaller than normal. It can just be because of genetic makeup, or health condition and sometimes it’s caused by some types of prescription drugs. Gum reduction is a surgical procedure that cuts the tissue back from the teeth and improving the person’s smile. This is a cosmetic procedure called contouring.

Is gum reduction necessary?

Gum reduction is usually considered as a purely cosmetic procedure and it is not necessary for medical reasons. Most of the time, gums are shaped solely to help improve how their smile looks. But there are some gum reduction procedures that can be part of a treatment plan for periodontal diseases.

What to Expect from Gum Reduction

This procedure is performed in the dentist’s office. They can use common instruments like a scalpel, laser and even radiosurgery to reshape the gums. Before the surgery, the dentist should carefully explain the procedure to you so you know what to expect. The dentist might use a special pen to make how much of the gums are to be removed and where the new gum line is going to be. He may administer a local anesthetic to make the area numb. He will then cut away the excessive portions of gum. It will take a few weeks for your gums to totally heal.