Invisible Braces

The Benefits to Using Invisible Braces

Getting braces is not on the top of everyone’s to-do list, but in many cases they are necessary. Earlier, the only option was traditional metal braces which were unsightly and uncomfortable. But as dentistry advanced, invisible braces became available as a viable option for many people. Even though they are capable of doing the same thing as their metal counterparts, there are some distinct advantages to wearing invisible braces.

Neater Appearance

One of the things most people like most about using invisible braces is their ability to not be seen by others. The teeth are being straightened without the stigma attached to traditional, metal braces. This gives the wearer a better self-image and more self-confidence.


Another favorite feature of wearing invisible braces or aligners is that they are removable. This means they can be taken out while the wearer eats their meals and snacks. They can also be removed for performing daily hygiene routines. Once the teeth are brushed and flossed, they can be put back in to continue moving the teeth. This also aids in better oral health since the teeth can be thoroughly and properly cleaned as needed.

Less Trauma to the Mouth

An additional benefit to using invisible braces is there is less trauma to the mouth and teeth. Clear braces help prevent wear and tear on the teeth caused by teeth not fitting together properly. This protects teeth from chipping, breaking or wearing down at the gumline.