What Is Prosthetic Dentistry?

If you lose or damage a tooth due decay or trauma, you will need special dental treatment in North York. A good option is prosthetic dentistry, which can repair or replace natural teeth. Various types of treatment fall under this category.

Prosthetic Dentistry North York

Replacement options

If your dentist needs to remove all your teeth, a complete denture may be the best type of prosthesis for you. A complete denture can be either removable or bonded to your mouth with several implants.

If you are only missing some teeth, a partial denture is an option. This is also a removable solution and involves fitting a plastic or metal plate in your mouth and attaching artificial teeth. Alternatively, your dentist can create a fixed bridge, which is held in place with a crown on the teeth on either side.

Finally, if you are missing just a single tooth, your dentist can fit an implant with a crown to fill the gap.

Repair options

Damaged teeth also benefit from prosthetic dentistry North York. This is an option for teeth with significant decay, especially when it is no longer possible to repair the teeth with a filling. Prosthetic dentistry is also a possibility for a tooth that has changed color after root canal therapy.

Your dentist will install a support pillar in your tooth and fit it with a crown. The crown can be made of gold, metal alloy, ceramic, porcelain, or another material. Whatever material you choose, the crown will strengthen your tooth, give your tooth the right shape, and allow you to eat and speak properly. If the crown is made from ceramic or porcelain, it will also have the appearance of a natural tooth.

Caring for Dental Prosthetics

With the right care, your dental prosthetic can last your entire life. As the tissues heal, you may need to return to your dentist for adjustments. After this, you just need to visit the clinic for regular checkups.