X-rays: Are They Necessary in Dentistry for Kids?

September 26, 2017 88finch 0

For adults, X-rays are a common aspect of regular dental checkups. However, many parents wonder what purpose this procedure can serve for their children. This radiologic procedure is a significant aspect in any medical field, even in dentistry. In fact, X-rays are just as important in dentistry for kids in North York as for adults.

Are They Safe for Children?

Some parents worry that X-rays may be dangerous for their kids. Whereas excessive radiation can lead to cell and tissue damage, dental X-rays use a minimal amount of radiation. This means they are very safe, and the risk of negative side effects is low.

The dentist will take measures to protect your child. For instance, he or she will only perform this procedure on the parts of the mouth that need examining, keeping the rest safe with a shield over your child’s face. The dentist will also place a lead apron over your child’s body.

Why Do Kids Need Dental X-rays?

These are useful for preventive dentistry, such as for detecting decay or disease in its early stages, before it is visual to the eye. X-rays also allow dentists to check permanent teeth before they erupt to ensure there is sufficient space in the mouth, that your child is losing baby teeth at the right time, and that there are no missing or extra teeth under the gums.

This radiologic procedures are also valuable for adolescents. The dentist can determine when wisdom teeth are likely to erupt and see if they are impacted.

How Often Should Kids Receive Dental X-rays?

The dentist will likely only take Xrays of your kid’s teeth on occasional checkups. The frequency will depend on factors including risk of decay and need for orthodontic care. Your child will also undergo such procedure in the case of an injury to the mouth or jaw.